Sermons from Blakelaw Community Church

Please feel free to listen to our list of sermons, updated regularly and uploaded for your use. 


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John 6:25-59

Eric Adjetey - 12th July 2020

John 8, Jesus the Light of the world

Jonathan Komba-Kpakoi - 19th July 2020

John 10:1-10 I am the Gate

Mark Sharman - 25th July 2020

John 11:17-37

Eric Adjetey - 9th Aug 2020

John 14:1-6

Bolaji Ismail - 15th Aug 2020

John 15:1-17

Jonathan Komba-Kpakoi - 23rd Aug 2020

John 1:1-18

Mark Sharman - 6th Jun 2021

John 1:19-34

Bolaji Ismail - 13th Jun 2021