Why is salvation free yet expensive?

Posted on 14th November, 2019

I believe the word free is used to denote its availability to all without paying the price required by God for it. It cost Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit everything to bring salvation to our door steps. Anyone who accepts Jesus Christ has a price to pay. Firstly, to repent of all old ways which do not glorify God because the Light of God has revealed it all. This is a costly move for example, anyone whose old way of life is the only known source of life survival. This move will cost him/her everything to receive the salvation offered by God. In summary, salvation is costly for both the Giver and receiver diferently. So is salvation free? Think about this again!


Posted by Eric

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Hi John,
What do you think my friend will do when he realises that I sold his special gift on eBay? Does it really matter how I treat his gift even though it cost him a lot of money?

I'm sorry if I'm becoming a bother to you now!

Thank you, John!
As you say, the gift of salvation that Jesus offers is free. It does, however, require us to accept it by faith otherwise we will not come into the benefit. Like any gift given to us, if we reject it we do not benefit from it.
I am new to the Christian faith; it is my hope to find answers to some questions I have. I read Eric’s work on salvation of which I can relate it to my personal life. I understand Jesus Christ is a gift and a saviour if one accepts Him. Last week, I received a gift from a friend and because I didn’t like it I posted it on eBay and sold it. I had the choice to refuse it but I took it just to please my friend but eventually got rid of it. But in the case of Jesus Christ, He is a gift and must be accepted or else one is lost forever. If He is a gift why must I receive Him in order to be saved? Why can’t I refuse Him just like any other gift and be okay? He must be more than a gift then!

I hope this forum will help me understand some basic faith truths in Jesus Christ. Please email if you can with your answers or post it as comment on this website and will read it.
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